Eyeko order + Dream MAT Mousse Maybeline review

I recently made some orders, and I have already received them all, but step by step I'll be making a review of each one~

I'll start with the Eyeko products because it was the first one that arrived. I'm an Eyeko ambassador because I love Eyeko products, I find them not very expensive and pretty good, so if you use my ambassador code (sidebar) you'll get a present with your order =)

Here is the package that arrived, pretty fast.

I opened it and couldn't wait to try the products. First one is Eyeko Cream Extra Glow. I like the pink tone and little sparkles it lefts on the skin, and it's really soft. It's a limited edition, 3 in 1 cream: Highlighter, moisturiser and eye cream, with natural jojoba an vitamin E. Since I don't like to use a lot of make-up on normal days, I'll use it for parties, dinners with friends and such.

Box is so pretty <3

Then, here are the products I liked the most of the order. This 3 eye-pencils reached my top ten products the same moment I tried them. They're super cool! The 2 on top are eyeliner pen, very popular now, and I found it super usseful to make a perfect and thin line. One is black, the other one is blue. The one left is a duo color pencil for eyes, with two pretty colors: teal and electric blue. I love that tones and they fit pretty well with jeans. I can assure I'm not gonna use more normal eyeliner os something, this eyeliner pencils made me fall in love, really, try them, you'll never want to use another again!

And finally, there was this lipgloss and this nail polish. I love the nail polish color, and at first thought the lipgloss color was too dark for me but it's not dark at all and it smells pretty sweet <3

What I purchased was the Eyeko cream and a surprise bag with some products to try (there was the polish, the lipgloss, the blu eyeliner pen and the duo colour pencil). Cream was 10 € and surprise bag 12 €. I also purchased the black eyeliner pencil, but it costed me 0 € with a discount =) So I was totally satisfied with this order.

First of all, I want to introduce you my new favourite foundation. I run off of foundation withouth noticing it, so I was in a hurry to get a new one, I couldn't go to a special make-up shop so I tried to find one in some near stores. I have a very pale skin so it's difficult for me to find a tone that suits me well. I was using Natural Finish of Astor, beige tone, but I couldn't find the same one in the near stores, so I looked at this Dream Mat mousse of Maybeline. It looked pretty soft and light so I tried it. I felt in love with the tester so I purchased it. Once I tried it on my face, I loved it even more. It suits my pale skin perfectly! And makes it look so smooth and soft because it's a mousse. I really love it, so I'll be ussing this from now on, give a try to mousse if you can~

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