Ladies and gentlemens.

I wanna introduce you my pets. I have two cats and two dogs. In this post I'm gonna show you just my dogs, I'll talk abput my lovely cats in another one~

This dogs are not really mine, but my sis. The cats are mine xD The mom dog is called Rita, but we always call her Reita xD There was another dog we found with here, but it's no longer with us, he run away from home a long time ago. He was called Cos, but we called him Satoh xD

The baby dog is not a son of them both, but the mom dog and another dog. He is called Roco. Some time a go we had a fight with another dog and he lost a part of one of his legs, so he is lame. He had a hard time 'cause his leg was not healing well, and we are afraid his vertical column will suffer some damage since he can't use that leg...

So, since the time is better this days, we had a long walking with the dogs, I'm gonna let some photos of them, the park and my outfit. Roco is the black one, and Reita the other one~

See ya guys~

Kpop & Jpop Party~

Hi! Finally, here I am! And I have the photos we took on the party~ First of all, the ones I took at home, before going to take the bus~

Once I was in Madrid, I was able to reach the hotel without being lost xD I took the metro and without any problem I arrived to the hotel, I'm starting to get used to Madrid, and I even found a shop with a lot of gyaru style clothes and really cheap, so surely I'll go shop there 8D So, here the pics of the hotel room I shared with Di and some photos in that room~

Then I talked to Di, and I went to meet her at the metro stop so we could go back to the hotel and leave her things there, so we could go to have something to dinner. A pic in the elevator and one of the city while I was waiting on the metro stop.

Once she left the thing in the room (and I ate a chocolate neapolitan Di brought me 'cause I told her by msn I wanted some xD) we went pick something to have dinner. We walked a lot 'cause the nearest McDonalds was kind of far away xD So it was late when we got back to the room and started eat, so we hurry change clothes and put up our make-up, here is me once it all was done.

And finally we went to the party. We meet there Pi and the others, there was a lot of asiatic boys! The party was great, I meet a lot of people, some I didn't knew, some that knew me but I dindn't know them (as the first Byou of tuenti rol and my Sunhwa's GD) and some random people I can't remember the names. A korean boy also introduced himself to me, I can't either remember his name, but once he told me he was korean I talked to him in koreand, and he understood me! I felt so proud 8D So here the pics of the party and the one I took with Pi at the entrance.

I have to say that I have to upload to YouTube two videos I recorded of a korean boy who danced a Big Bang song, and well, when we walked back to the hotel my feet were dead so I had to walk without the heels, barefoot xD We were supposed to sleep, but we started talking, and talking and we were talking for hours xD So, next day we waked up really tired and we had to almost hurry to take my bus back D:

So finally I went not to the Hippie Party I was on Saturday 'cause I was really tired, but I loved the party in Madrid a lot~

And, finally 8D I have a new reader, thank you for following me, people! <3

Let's go party!

I'm going on a travel again, girls, and yep, once again, to Madrid. There's a Kpop-JPop party tonight, and it's been a while since I went to a big party, so I booked a hotel room with a friend of there that is gonna keep me company. Of course, she's coming to the party too 8D

I don't really know if I'll have internet connection at the hotel, there is supposed to be, but it was something about 'cable connection' so I don't know how it'll go. If I have, I'll make another post with photos of our room and my outfit, and tomorrow when I come back I'll make another talking about the dinner, the party, and more photos.

This is kind a random post, but I decided to make this blog something more personal than just talking about 'gyaru things' such as make-up, nails or so. I used ameba as a a personal blog, and well, I like ameba, so I'll keep on ussing it 'cause there are so very very random post that wouldn't look good on here, I think. So well, I have to take the bus in an hour, more or less, so I'll be going 8D

See ya guys~