Ladies and gentlemens.

I wanna introduce you my pets. I have two cats and two dogs. In this post I'm gonna show you just my dogs, I'll talk abput my lovely cats in another one~

This dogs are not really mine, but my sis. The cats are mine xD The mom dog is called Rita, but we always call her Reita xD There was another dog we found with here, but it's no longer with us, he run away from home a long time ago. He was called Cos, but we called him Satoh xD

The baby dog is not a son of them both, but the mom dog and another dog. He is called Roco. Some time a go we had a fight with another dog and he lost a part of one of his legs, so he is lame. He had a hard time 'cause his leg was not healing well, and we are afraid his vertical column will suffer some damage since he can't use that leg...

So, since the time is better this days, we had a long walking with the dogs, I'm gonna let some photos of them, the park and my outfit. Roco is the black one, and Reita the other one~

See ya guys~

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