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Hi guys!

It's been a long since the last time I posted here. As you can imagine by looking at the post title, I've been very busy lately. I've been studying japanese a lot, my level is really increasing so I'm very happy about that, and you know, when wheather is better, people always goes out a lot more, so... I need to find some time to post more on here...

Well, first of everything, thanks to my new followers for following me, really, it always makes me feel so happy when I come and I see I have new followers *^*

Next, I want to make a post with my Japanese things, my notes and such, but I'll do it next time, I wanna talk about something different this time.

I’ve planed on talking a little about my city biggest event; San Juan. As you all may know, San Juan is the celebration of summer equinox, but, in my city, it’s also the biggest celebration of the year. Everyone here awaits for it the whole year, not for Xmas, or Easter… but for San Juan celebration. I’m gonna try to explain a little about this event first, ‘cause it’s divided in another sequence of little events, and I wanna talk about each one after the are carried out.

Things you may know about the San Juan event to understand how it’s carried out, are:

- In San Juan event, the city is divided in 12. In each one of the 12 parts reigns a different ‘Cuadrilla’.
-A ‘Cuadrilla’ it’s a group of people. You can’t choose what ‘Cuadrilla’ you wanna be into, they’r divided by zones in the city, and each ‘Cuadrilla’ concerns a few nearby districts, so your ‘Cuadrilla’ depends on which part of the city you live.
-Each ‘Cuadrilla’ has a King and a Queen, so they’re the ones who leads the ‘Cuadrilla’

Well, everything about San Juan starts by choosing a poster to advertise the event, so the city hall organize every year a contest, so you can make your own design and try to win the contest, and if you win, your design will be in every poster of the city advertising the event.

Next, the first little event is hold on the first Sunday of May. It’s called ‘Catapán’. After the ‘Catapan’, each ‘Cuadrilla’ chooses its own King and Queen of that year, so in the ‘Catapán’ the new King and the Queen are shown to the rest of members. I don’t really know how they choose the King and Queen, but I think they’re chosen by the ones who were King and Queen the past year. In the ‘Catapán’, after the King and the Queen are shown, the ‘Cuadrilla’ distributes cheese, win, sausage and bread to the ones who go to the local where the ‘Cuadrilla’ has its headquarter. They also have a band that plays ‘Sanjuaneras’, the popular songs of this event, and people can dance while the drink wine and eats something the whole evening. After that, people goes have dinner and then you can go to dance again, to some pubs or, what is more popular, to the vervain.

I don’t have pics of this year ‘Catapán’, so I can’t post them, but I’ll post a video with the ‘Catapan’s song’ and I’ll post photos of the next little event, ‘Desencajonamiento’, that is carried out on 4 of June~

I don’t know if I was able to explain this well, it’s kind of difficult to explain this event, but it’s one of the best events of Spain, so people of the whole country comes to see it *_*!

Here it's the video hit the 'Catapán's Song'.

And here, although I don't have pics of this year Catapán, I found a video on Youtube of this year Catapán. The first you can see it's the poster of the 'Cuadrilla'. This one its the 'Cuadrilla of Santa Catalina'. Next thing you see it's the band of this 'Cuadrilla' and then people drinking wine. Later you see how the 'Cuadrilla' gives people cheese and such. It's funny, 'cause one of my friends appears in the video, at the first part, drinking wine xD

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