Hair treatment~

Lately, I’ve been applying a new treatment to my hair. I saw it was in bad condition recently, too much dying, I think. So I decided to let it rest for a while and take care of it.

I have smooth hair, very thin also, but lately I needed to use an iron for it to look well, it was always curling… But recently, since I’ve been using this new treatment, I don’t need an iron anymore for my hair to look well and smooth~ Of course I’ll need one if I wanna curl my hair or wear some particular hairstyle, but not for my daily days~

The products I’ve been using are these ones:

This is a shampoo. Asiatic smooth, it’s supposed to make the hair smoother, like the ones Asiatic people usually have. At first I thought it won’t work, this things hardly ever work, and I don’t really know if this works or it’s just in my hair, or it’s the combination of it with the hair conditioner, whatever it is, it works for me. I took this one just because I was looking for a shampoo for smooth hair, and this one seemed perfect for that purpose. I like how it smells, the texture and how my hair looks after using it, even without the hair conditioner, so I’m very happy with my election~

Next one is this hair conditioner. It’s not a hair conditioner at all, but I don’t know the word for it in English, it’s ‘Mascarilla’ in Spanish. I’ve always been using a hair conditioner because it makes my hair look better, always softer and easier to brush, but, as far as I know, ‘Mascarillas’ are better four nourishing the hair, and I thought my hair REALLY needed a nourishing. It was a lot of different types of ‘Mascarillas’ at the shop, and I was doubting on which one to choose: For smooth hair, for your hair to non curling, for dyed hair… but I saw this one and something inside of me was saying that it was the perfect one. I has vitamin Q10 for repairing damaged hair, so it really seemed perfect for my purpose. It was a very expensive one, but I think the investment was worth.

First, I use the shampoo, of course, and wash my hair with a massage, and then I apply the ‘Mascarilla’. I leave it working in my hair while I wash my body. I also bought a special gel for dry skin, it smells soooo well *^* Then I clear up my body and finally clear up my hair. I wash and clear up the shampoo and my body with warm water, but I clear up the ‘Mascarilla’ with cold water. It is just because warm water always opens the pores, the ones in the skin as well as the ones of the hair, and cold water closes them up. When I go out of the shower, I take off the humidity of my hair with a towel, then I go get dressed while I let my hair dry a little for itself with the ambient temperature, and the I use a hair-dryer to completely dry it. As I said, recently I needed to use, after the hair-dryer, an iron for it to look smooth without curling. I don’t need it now. I’ve been spending a lot of time in someone else’s house, so I took some showers there also, washing my hair with the shampoo and conditioner they use there, and I don’t had an iron there either, but that’s not important because I didn’t need it. My hair was perfect just drying it with the hair-dryer, even without using my treatment there, what means that the treatment really worked in y hair! I’m very happy about that, not just because I don’t need an iron on my everyday as I used to, what, moreover, it’s very bad for hair, most in summer and with hot time… It is because that means my hair is better, nourished, and that are always good news!

Finally, after talking about all this things about hair and treatments, I have to say thank you to my new followers~ I’ve also received some comments and some messages telling e that they liked my blog a lot and, what’s more important, that the things they read here were useful to them, that also makes me VERY happy, so I hope this text about my new hair treatment also would also be useful for you all!

I also have to say that, as you all can see, I’ve been kind of missing again. I’ve been having a lot of changes in my life recently (and when I say a lot, I really mean it!), so I’ve been even busier than I was, but I’m happy with how things are going and I’ll have more news about it soon, also some travels and plans and more posts about my city’s celebrations~

Thanks for reading me guys, see you soon~!

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