Packing up!

Hi again, guys! I'm coming back sooner this time, right? I'll try to continue like this and update more often~ Well, first of everything, thanks to my new follower for becoming a follower of my blog! <3

Ok, and now starting with the post theme~ On Friday I’ll be making a travel with some friends, we’re going to Benidorm, a beach zone of Spain, near Valencia. It’s one of the more visited places of Spain, there are a lot of foreign tourists there and it’s also near Ibiza, the ‘crazier party zone’ of Spain, so it looks like it’ll be an epic holidays, good weather, beach, parties and good friends! So I have to warn you guys that the next post won’t have any content about ‘Gyaru things’ like make-up, clothes or such apart from my outfits, I’ll be uploading with the photos I’ll take on Benidorm and the thing we’ll do, so I hope you enjoy that posts too! (^^) As I said before I’m making this blog something more personal than just talking ‘bout gyaru things, so there you have!

Well, I’ll be going on Friday so I have to pack my things! Here’s the post topic, I’m gonna give you 5 tips for the time when you have to pack for making a travel, here we go!

1.- Do it with time enough.
A lot of people does their packing the same day they’re traveling, a few hours before starting the travel or the night before. Don’t. It’s a lot better to do it some days before the travel, so if you suddenly remember you forgot to pack something you can just do it ‘cause you still have time. What if you remember it while you’re traveling or when you arrive to your destination? That’s why it’s better to do it with enough time, even if you change your decision on bringing this or that.

2.- Make a list.
It’s useful to make a list, because you can add thing to it when you remember it and it helps you to be sure that you’re bringing everything you planned to without forgetting anything. Also, sometimes we forgot what’s more common or normal, I don’t know, the phone charger for example, and it’s easier to remember it while doing a list than just packing things up. Furthermore, It also helps you not to forget anything in the place where you are traveling to, when you have to repack thing for coming back home. What to do if you forget you favourite dress in the hotel room? If you call to the hotel service but you can’t recover it? Better not to forget nothing there, so the list is very useful for that pourpose~

3.- Take a look at the weather!
Some days before you travel be aware of the weather, trough the tv or though the internet, so you’ll know if you need to bring outerwear, boots, an umbrella, sunscreen or whatever. That would be useful too when you want to make plans for your traveling, if the time it’s gonna be cloudy or rainy you better go to the beach other day and such…

4.- Documents
Be sure you bring all the necessary documents with you, even if you’re traveling to a foreign country or if you’re traveling inside yours, you may need them and it’s better to have them with you than have to make excuses in front a policeman or whatever.

5.- Machines
If you’re bringing with you machines like a camera, a phone or a laptor, be sure you bring too the chargers! If not they won0t be useful if they don’t have battery and you don’t have the charger!

Other point would be about planning the travel, bringing a map or such, but that depends on everyone and with who are you traveling and where to, you may not need a map if you’re traveling to a place you already know and such… Well, as I said, this is just some tips for when you’re packing, not for planning a travel or traveling or such, so~ wish me luck for my travel and I’ll be uploading soon with the things there! Thanks for reading guys!

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