New acquisitions~

Hey guys~ I'm happy to see that I have a new follower again, thank you so much for following my blog ^^!

Well, my trip was postponed. One of my friends became sick so we prefered postpoing the travel to the end of summer. It's a good time for going to the beach, time is not so hot and there are a lot of foreign tourist that travel in that time of the year ^^

So ok, this week, starting on Wednesday, it's the big celebration of my town, I have to do some post about that since I didn't post anything about 'Lavalenguas', 'La compra' and such, Maybe all do it all after the celebration days~

Well, apart from that, I don't have much time recently to update, I have a lot of things to do, and I'm going out a lot and such, but I went shopping yesterday with some friends, and I had bought something some days before too, so I thought in doing a post with my new acquisitions~ I know recently, in this summer, gyaru are wearing a lot some 'rock style' instead a more cute style, I wear it sometimes, and sometimes I use some 'Co&Lu' style too, but what I wear the most, regardless of now tendencies, it's cute style. Not really as Liz Lissa, but something more or less, so my new acquisitions are still in the same cute style. Let's beging~!

Some days ago I bought this cute picture hat, I bought it for our trip to the beach since in that zone sun it's harder than in my town. I really like this hat since it bends when you put it on and gives your face a really sweet look~ I thought it would be expensive when I saw it in the store, not so much really, prize was 6€ (8'5 $ more or less), and the shopgirl let me buy it for 3€ (4$). I was surprised she reduced me the price just because she wanted to. '3€' she said when I was gonna pay, and my face was like 'O_O It was 6... thanks!'. I think I'll use it to the parades of this week, since I don't wanna wear it for the rest of the parties or it can be stolen or became dirty and such~

Yesterday we went with our friend Lar to buy a t-shirt she wanted for this celebration days, and I saw this CUTE skirt. I fell in love with it instantly, it was also so cheap! I payed for it 8€ (14$) and it's super lovely! You know, this kind of shirts, with that kind of belt, can be weared in a lot of ways, so I was really happy by finding it in my town since I've been thinking in buying something alike through the inet~

And finally, while walking through the town, I saw this supercute wedges~ I've been thinking a lot what kind of shoes buy this summer because I have a lot of things to do and I spend my day going from a place to another, so I wanted something comfortable for my busy days. I have some things like this or this but I wanted something more... showy for party days and such. I've been thinking a lot about buying one of this, that I've been seeing it in a lof of Gyaru magazines, but I don't really like this kind of shoes a lot, and I think the ones I bought are more comfortable, so~ This were the more expensive ones of the things I bought, 26€ (37$), but I really love it and yep! they're very comfortable!

So, this is all, I think. Sorry guys for not posting much recently, but I really have no time =( I'll writte a long post about wht's left of my town's celebration soo =) See ya~ <3