I'm back :D

It's been some time again since the last time I posted, I've been kind of busy and I think I'll still be busy from now on -or I hope so 'cause I hate to have nothing to do...- but I also think I'll have more things to blog about :D

First thing I have to say is that... there's only 4 days left for the party in Madrid *-*! I really wanna go, I want to go party and meet new people, and it's a kpop-Jpop party so I think it'll be really fun. I think I'm gonna put some countdown gadgets on the sidebar for the next things coming~

After that, I promised a post about the things I've received for doing my nails, I also have to do some beauty post (something about skincare) and... I have to make a video talking about the sale I took from Eyeko, I'll do it soon, I promise.

So here it goes the post about my new things for nails. I purchased some tips (pink, white and blue ones). It's my first time using tips, and I'm not very used to it, but as you all can see in the post after this one, the result was good. Here the everything photo and the tips photo.

Next thing I purchased, of course, it's nail glue, 'cause I've been using a very bad one not because my nails were falling, but it mistreated them, so I tried a new one. This one, I've used it just once, on my travel to Madrid, 'cause I haven't been wearing nails at home recently. So, that time, one nail felt when I was going to take the bus, but I think it was because I glued it bad the first time, 'cause none of the others felt and this one didn't felt again also once I glued it again.

Next thing: ringhestones. I loves the ones of FullMoon, they're so fucking cute (the second ones) and the first one I purchased it on Ebay, the roses are also very pretty~

And finally, nail stickers. I can buy it here on chinese stores, but I have to pay 60 cents for each one. I bought 50 and I paid 3 €, If I had bought it here, I'd have paid  30€, so it was a very big bargain. I love them 'cause there are som many different stickers. I mean, each one is different, but you can find flowers, hearts, stars, ribbons, butterflies...

So that's it. For the party in Madrid I'll wear the next pair of handmade nails Aya sent me last time, 'cause they are really pretty and I wanna try them, so I'll use tips another time and I'll talk about them~

See ya, babes~ :3

Travel to Madrid~


I've left this kind of abandonated but don't worry! I'm not leaving the blog or something! I've been sick, so with the high fever all I did was sleeping, the less I was thinking on was updating the blog, so... I'm still sick, but I'm feeling better this days, that's why I decided to post something~

First of all, I have to say I have one new follower, and yeah, I'll say it everytime I get a new follower, 'cause followers and comments really makes me happy. I have to say, again ('cause it's on the sidebar) that CBox it's NOT for comments, so please, stop commenting on CBox, that's for updates only!

On Friday I went to Madrid to visit my friend Di and buy the tickets for a KPop & JPop party that will be heading on April 1st. I also meet a friend whom I have only talked by msn, he was so nice and cute *O*!

I didn't took a lot of photos in Madrid this time, I was already sick so I was kind of... bof D: But here the ones I have:


Nails and some random photos:

Leaving Soria:

On the bus + the book I was reading:

The books I bought in Madrid, the same was I was reading, but in English, and the next (and last, I think) one of the serie, also in English:

I highly recomend that saga, 'The house of night', it's so good if you like reading about vampires (yeah, something in the way 'Twilight' was, but not as it, of course) and teenagers love stories.

Later I'll do an update with some pàckages I've received this days and some skin care update too, I have to go now, so see ya later ~


First of all, we have to talk about Japan. Things there are terrible now, and this is not just a 'Japan's problem' so if anyone know any way to help Japan with this catastrophe just tell me about, but please, serious things, there's already some people out there trying to make money saying it's for Japan but it's not.

After that, I have new readers *-* I'm so happy everytime I have new readers, seriously, so thank you for following me, and of course I'll follow you back 8D

Well, I'm sic, once again, my throat hurts a lot and I have fever these past days... I'm still sick, but I have things to do so I can't stay on bed.

It's been my sis b-day, so the other day I wen to buy her a present and I bought some things for me, here some photos <3

First, the outfit 8D

Another in the fitting room~

The things I bought:

This is my sis present inside the box, I couldn't do a photo of the present 'cause I was supposed to upload this before her b-day so I couldn't show it, it's a beautiful long t-sahit, I'll put a picture soon xD

And this is are a little boxes so cute <3 and a little bag for my make-up when traveling~

This is some shorts I made 8D yeah, there was pirate pants, and I don't like pirate pants so much, so I dediced to change it so I could use it more, it's not finished since I want to customice it, but as shorts, I loved the results~

And finally I just have to say that... I have plans for this weekend and monday~ I'm going to Madrid this Friday, I'll see some people and will buy the ticket for the kpop party, I want to see the people <3 and... on Monday... that's secret for the moment 8D so that's it <3 I also have to make an update with the sales I received from Eyeko, I'll do it soon, promise~


I finally have the photos I taked about a couple of times. I modeled some Eyeko products and I was waiting for those photos, they're finally here!

Eyeko Cream

Eyeko lipgloss

Eyeko duo pencil for eyes

Eyeko eyeliner pen

Eyeko nail polish

There are also a lot of random photos, I like the ones with blue light or the ones just fooling xD but I'll post it on some another post or just in the Photos section once I uploaded it, just one more with the outfit <3 New dress and shoes~

New routine.

I needed a change in my life. It's been a few weeks since I'm unemployed again, so I've been lazing around a lot lately... but I thought it was enough rest, so while I find a new job to get money I've got a new routine.

I'm starting to go every morning to the library, from 10 to 13 pm, to seriously study japanese. I'm waking up at 8 am, not waking up late anymore but on weekend, and I'm going swimming 2 days on week.

Everyone know Friday afternoons it's time to go out, so I'm using Monday and Wednesday's afternoons to go swiming, Friday's to go out, and keep Tuesday and Thursday's to the thing I have to do, whatever~

I'm still waiting for the photos I talked about, advertising some Eyeko products, and also for my 2 new orders of Eyeko, so I don't have much to blog about lately... so I'll come back once I have something new to talk about xD Here some photos of my japanese notes and today's outfit~