First of all, we have to talk about Japan. Things there are terrible now, and this is not just a 'Japan's problem' so if anyone know any way to help Japan with this catastrophe just tell me about, but please, serious things, there's already some people out there trying to make money saying it's for Japan but it's not.

After that, I have new readers *-* I'm so happy everytime I have new readers, seriously, so thank you for following me, and of course I'll follow you back 8D

Well, I'm sic, once again, my throat hurts a lot and I have fever these past days... I'm still sick, but I have things to do so I can't stay on bed.

It's been my sis b-day, so the other day I wen to buy her a present and I bought some things for me, here some photos <3

First, the outfit 8D

Another in the fitting room~

The things I bought:

This is my sis present inside the box, I couldn't do a photo of the present 'cause I was supposed to upload this before her b-day so I couldn't show it, it's a beautiful long t-sahit, I'll put a picture soon xD

And this is are a little boxes so cute <3 and a little bag for my make-up when traveling~

This is some shorts I made 8D yeah, there was pirate pants, and I don't like pirate pants so much, so I dediced to change it so I could use it more, it's not finished since I want to customice it, but as shorts, I loved the results~

And finally I just have to say that... I have plans for this weekend and monday~ I'm going to Madrid this Friday, I'll see some people and will buy the ticket for the kpop party, I want to see the people <3 and... on Monday... that's secret for the moment 8D so that's it <3 I also have to make an update with the sales I received from Eyeko, I'll do it soon, promise~


  1. hello :3

    I just found your blog!(´・ω・`)
    and it seems to be interesting and cute!(´艸`)
    can i follow you? :)

    If you want you can write me also a comment on my blog, i will return and send a comment back to your new blog entry!♪(。◕ฺε ◕ฺ。)♡

    Have a nice day !!~♥

  2. te leería, pero es que está en ingles ;A; y sabes que soy una porquería ;-; ains que presiosa estás, a ver cuando te vienes por estos lares que tienes bcn abandonado ;A; y que pelasooo ;A; te quiero.