Travel to Madrid~


I've left this kind of abandonated but don't worry! I'm not leaving the blog or something! I've been sick, so with the high fever all I did was sleeping, the less I was thinking on was updating the blog, so... I'm still sick, but I'm feeling better this days, that's why I decided to post something~

First of all, I have to say I have one new follower, and yeah, I'll say it everytime I get a new follower, 'cause followers and comments really makes me happy. I have to say, again ('cause it's on the sidebar) that CBox it's NOT for comments, so please, stop commenting on CBox, that's for updates only!

On Friday I went to Madrid to visit my friend Di and buy the tickets for a KPop & JPop party that will be heading on April 1st. I also meet a friend whom I have only talked by msn, he was so nice and cute *O*!

I didn't took a lot of photos in Madrid this time, I was already sick so I was kind of... bof D: But here the ones I have:


Nails and some random photos:

Leaving Soria:

On the bus + the book I was reading:

The books I bought in Madrid, the same was I was reading, but in English, and the next (and last, I think) one of the serie, also in English:

I highly recomend that saga, 'The house of night', it's so good if you like reading about vampires (yeah, something in the way 'Twilight' was, but not as it, of course) and teenagers love stories.

Later I'll do an update with some pàckages I've received this days and some skin care update too, I have to go now, so see ya later ~


  1. En mayo sale el siguiente libro (: yo también me los estoy leyendo.
    ¡Lee cazadores de sombras! Está muy muy bien.
    Y deja de ir a madrid ¬¬ aquí también hay gente TT

    En junio hay una macroquedada gyaru :3 ventee~

  2. Yo me los leo en inglés xD Y buscaré los que me dices en cuanto acabe con estos, que por cierto, luego me paso a cotillearte el blog 8D

    Y para Junio podré ir, no tengo planes xD te veré te veré *-*!

  3. You have an awesome blog.
    It's an honour to read it.
    Keep on that awesome style of yours!

    ( Ö . Ö)

  4. Awww! Thank you! you are so sweet! (^//^)
    Thanks for reading my blog, sweetie :3