Eyeko order + Dream MAT Mousse Maybeline review

I recently made some orders, and I have already received them all, but step by step I'll be making a review of each one~

I'll start with the Eyeko products because it was the first one that arrived. I'm an Eyeko ambassador because I love Eyeko products, I find them not very expensive and pretty good, so if you use my ambassador code (sidebar) you'll get a present with your order =)

Here is the package that arrived, pretty fast.

I opened it and couldn't wait to try the products. First one is Eyeko Cream Extra Glow. I like the pink tone and little sparkles it lefts on the skin, and it's really soft. It's a limited edition, 3 in 1 cream: Highlighter, moisturiser and eye cream, with natural jojoba an vitamin E. Since I don't like to use a lot of make-up on normal days, I'll use it for parties, dinners with friends and such.

Box is so pretty <3

Then, here are the products I liked the most of the order. This 3 eye-pencils reached my top ten products the same moment I tried them. They're super cool! The 2 on top are eyeliner pen, very popular now, and I found it super usseful to make a perfect and thin line. One is black, the other one is blue. The one left is a duo color pencil for eyes, with two pretty colors: teal and electric blue. I love that tones and they fit pretty well with jeans. I can assure I'm not gonna use more normal eyeliner os something, this eyeliner pencils made me fall in love, really, try them, you'll never want to use another again!

And finally, there was this lipgloss and this nail polish. I love the nail polish color, and at first thought the lipgloss color was too dark for me but it's not dark at all and it smells pretty sweet <3

What I purchased was the Eyeko cream and a surprise bag with some products to try (there was the polish, the lipgloss, the blu eyeliner pen and the duo colour pencil). Cream was 10 € and surprise bag 12 €. I also purchased the black eyeliner pencil, but it costed me 0 € with a discount =) So I was totally satisfied with this order.

First of all, I want to introduce you my new favourite foundation. I run off of foundation withouth noticing it, so I was in a hurry to get a new one, I couldn't go to a special make-up shop so I tried to find one in some near stores. I have a very pale skin so it's difficult for me to find a tone that suits me well. I was using Natural Finish of Astor, beige tone, but I couldn't find the same one in the near stores, so I looked at this Dream Mat mousse of Maybeline. It looked pretty soft and light so I tried it. I felt in love with the tester so I purchased it. Once I tried it on my face, I loved it even more. It suits my pale skin perfectly! And makes it look so smooth and soft because it's a mousse. I really love it, so I'll be ussing this from now on, give a try to mousse if you can~

Again a new hairstyle~

First of all, I've got a new follower, thanks Jade! <3

And then... I went from dark brown to... kind of copper? It's not as copper color as it seems, fucking light and fucking camera... It more like a light brown with some orange tones...

I don't really know which color suits me better (I made a new thread asking in Ricoche xD) but the dark brown wig it's already in so bad condition so I needed a new one, as I said in the other post, my hair needs a rest xD

As I said, I've been wearing orange tones for a few years so it was a matter of time I went back to that colour, I love how the dark brown suits me, it makes me look kind of more... mature, but I already said in the other post I think orange tones are the one which suits me better, and I prefer to look like more a little sweet girl xD

What do you thinkg about the change?


First of all I have to say that I've got my first follower~ MizuruHime, thank you

Yesterday I went out. I'm kind of planning in'remodeling' my room so I wanted to buy some cute boxes to put my make-up and those things on. We went walking and didn't bought my boxes, but we found a lingerie store in sales, so we went looking. I don't usually buy my lingerie here 'cause I find Japanese lingerie not only prettier and very very cute but a lot more comfortable. For my b-day I purchased a Japanese lingerie set andI really love that bra, it's the most comfortable one I've had and it's pretty cute!

We started looking in the store and finally I bought something. Here's the complete package:

 I decided to give another try to european bras, so I've got this one.

I found it cute since it has that little ribbon on the center and some little violet draws, it also looked comfortable (I hate my breasts to be 'boing boing', it's painful...) so I bought it. Normally, with this things my instict sucks, but luckly not this time. I bought a smaller size since I've got a close back and even when a bra suits my breasts, doesn't suit my back... I tried it when I arrived home and surprise! It fits me! and I was right, it was really comfortable, lucky

I also get those panties since I found them cute to, and they were pink! I wanted also the black one 'cause black is always so useful, and the blue one, just because I loved the color, a vivid blue~ But I though it was ok just with the pink ones and I ended up with a cute tanga also~

Later we went to the library, so I got a little notebook, also in pink color. I liked it since it's small but not too much, I can keep it on my bag and I won't have problem on reading my japanese notes on it~

I'll be happy of reading your comments about what do you think of lingerie, have you the same problem with bras? do you prefer panties or tanga?~

This morning I've also received two packages. I've already seen it, but I'll make the review later, I'm hungry so I'll go eat something now~ See ya <3

Hair changes~

Well, this is my second post, first serious one xD I have to say that I definitely hate my hair. I've been wearing a caramel-orange tone for years (my natural color is dark brown). I really love that color, and I think is the one which suits me better most of the time, but lately I got bored. On september, for going to a visual kei concert, I dyed it to pink and blonde, my bangs was blonde and all the rest, pink. Here a pic:

With the use of products such as lacquer, shampoo, straightener and such, the pink color was degraded to a weird orange, so I bleached it and I became a blonde girl~

I love blonde, but it's difficult to maintain when you're brown, so I decided to go back to my orange color. As I was blonde, I wanted to left a lock of hair in the bangs and dye the rest of orange. I also bought some extensions, blonde and orange. I went to buy a dye of the same color my extensions was, golden blonde. I dyed my hair once, but the resultant color was a lot softer than the extensions one, so I wen buy another dye. I bought the same one but of another brand and one a tone darker. I tried with the first tone once again, same result, the resultant color was a lot softer, so I tried the second tone, and... surprise~ It was really dark, a brown color, so I can't use the extensions. It's a same since they're a good gone and I love the colors... 

Finally, after too much dye, I decided to let my hair grow and not dye it again in some time, so I took my old wig, the last one I bought. It was kind of... bad quality lately, I used it too much before and it deteriorated... I cut the tips, all the tips, and now it looks pretty good. I already ordered a new one, of a soft orange color, honey brown I think, and I'll be using this until the new one arrive. And oh! I forgot to say that... I'm using my orange extensions also, I put it on the wig and I like the results~


Well, this is the first post and I don't really know what to say. I tried to make a clear layout so you don't have problems while navigating on it. Everything you need to know is on the sidebars and pages, take a close look id you are interested.

So, as you can find everything out there, I'm not gonna make a first post talking about what's this site about or something like that, I think the theme is also clear so... Anyways, all I'm gonna say for my first post on this blog is that I hope you like it and find it interesting. I really really love comments, questions and making new friends, so I really hope to have a lot of followers and new friends. Thanks for reading me! (>.*)!