Hair changes~

Well, this is my second post, first serious one xD I have to say that I definitely hate my hair. I've been wearing a caramel-orange tone for years (my natural color is dark brown). I really love that color, and I think is the one which suits me better most of the time, but lately I got bored. On september, for going to a visual kei concert, I dyed it to pink and blonde, my bangs was blonde and all the rest, pink. Here a pic:

With the use of products such as lacquer, shampoo, straightener and such, the pink color was degraded to a weird orange, so I bleached it and I became a blonde girl~

I love blonde, but it's difficult to maintain when you're brown, so I decided to go back to my orange color. As I was blonde, I wanted to left a lock of hair in the bangs and dye the rest of orange. I also bought some extensions, blonde and orange. I went to buy a dye of the same color my extensions was, golden blonde. I dyed my hair once, but the resultant color was a lot softer than the extensions one, so I wen buy another dye. I bought the same one but of another brand and one a tone darker. I tried with the first tone once again, same result, the resultant color was a lot softer, so I tried the second tone, and... surprise~ It was really dark, a brown color, so I can't use the extensions. It's a same since they're a good gone and I love the colors... 

Finally, after too much dye, I decided to let my hair grow and not dye it again in some time, so I took my old wig, the last one I bought. It was kind of... bad quality lately, I used it too much before and it deteriorated... I cut the tips, all the tips, and now it looks pretty good. I already ordered a new one, of a soft orange color, honey brown I think, and I'll be using this until the new one arrive. And oh! I forgot to say that... I'm using my orange extensions also, I put it on the wig and I like the results~

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