Again a new hairstyle~

First of all, I've got a new follower, thanks Jade! <3

And then... I went from dark brown to... kind of copper? It's not as copper color as it seems, fucking light and fucking camera... It more like a light brown with some orange tones...

I don't really know which color suits me better (I made a new thread asking in Ricoche xD) but the dark brown wig it's already in so bad condition so I needed a new one, as I said in the other post, my hair needs a rest xD

As I said, I've been wearing orange tones for a few years so it was a matter of time I went back to that colour, I love how the dark brown suits me, it makes me look kind of more... mature, but I already said in the other post I think orange tones are the one which suits me better, and I prefer to look like more a little sweet girl xD

What do you thinkg about the change?

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