First of all I have to say that I've got my first follower~ MizuruHime, thank you

Yesterday I went out. I'm kind of planning in'remodeling' my room so I wanted to buy some cute boxes to put my make-up and those things on. We went walking and didn't bought my boxes, but we found a lingerie store in sales, so we went looking. I don't usually buy my lingerie here 'cause I find Japanese lingerie not only prettier and very very cute but a lot more comfortable. For my b-day I purchased a Japanese lingerie set andI really love that bra, it's the most comfortable one I've had and it's pretty cute!

We started looking in the store and finally I bought something. Here's the complete package:

 I decided to give another try to european bras, so I've got this one.

I found it cute since it has that little ribbon on the center and some little violet draws, it also looked comfortable (I hate my breasts to be 'boing boing', it's painful...) so I bought it. Normally, with this things my instict sucks, but luckly not this time. I bought a smaller size since I've got a close back and even when a bra suits my breasts, doesn't suit my back... I tried it when I arrived home and surprise! It fits me! and I was right, it was really comfortable, lucky

I also get those panties since I found them cute to, and they were pink! I wanted also the black one 'cause black is always so useful, and the blue one, just because I loved the color, a vivid blue~ But I though it was ok just with the pink ones and I ended up with a cute tanga also~

Later we went to the library, so I got a little notebook, also in pink color. I liked it since it's small but not too much, I can keep it on my bag and I won't have problem on reading my japanese notes on it~

I'll be happy of reading your comments about what do you think of lingerie, have you the same problem with bras? do you prefer panties or tanga?~

This morning I've also received two packages. I've already seen it, but I'll make the review later, I'm hungry so I'll go eat something now~ See ya <3

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