Let's go party!

I'm going on a travel again, girls, and yep, once again, to Madrid. There's a Kpop-JPop party tonight, and it's been a while since I went to a big party, so I booked a hotel room with a friend of there that is gonna keep me company. Of course, she's coming to the party too 8D

I don't really know if I'll have internet connection at the hotel, there is supposed to be, but it was something about 'cable connection' so I don't know how it'll go. If I have, I'll make another post with photos of our room and my outfit, and tomorrow when I come back I'll make another talking about the dinner, the party, and more photos.

This is kind a random post, but I decided to make this blog something more personal than just talking about 'gyaru things' such as make-up, nails or so. I used ameba as a a personal blog, and well, I like ameba, so I'll keep on ussing it 'cause there are so very very random post that wouldn't look good on here, I think. So well, I have to take the bus in an hour, more or less, so I'll be going 8D

See ya guys~

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