The past and the future.

Hi again! As I said on last entry, I'm gonna make a post telling about my experience living in Tokyo, tell what happened and also tell something about some future plans.

Trying no to expand so much and without telling concret experiences, what I have to say is that it was an awesome experience. I made a lot of friends, and all of them treated me so well, on the job field and out of it. The y helped me a lot and teached me a lot of new things. Living in that town, the job, the experience with the language and the customers was incredible... I didn't had so much problems to comunicate with the Japanese language, I adapted myself quickly to the language, the working method, and at the end I could do a lot of things we weren't expecting we could do in so little time~

I even participated in the record of a tv program that was recorded in our restaurant and I appeared speaking in Japanese!

I also meet someone special that it's nowadays my boyfriend. I hope to see him again soon~ And I almost live much more time in his house that in mine xD

What happened then? Well, to say it quickly, not everybody's work is good and not everybody does things as it's supposed to do them, so the tramitation of the working visa wasn't done as it should have been and weh it should have been done, so finally things with that weren't well and when the tourist visa expired I had to go back. And yes, you gussed well, all that time I was working I did it in a non-legal form, since people with a tourist visa can NOT work. It was a hard time when we knew about all this, not only for me since a lot of people there cried with m that two last night I spent there, but I don't complain, it's still an experience and I learned a lot~

The most important thing I found was that I really like the Japanese life, it's y place in the world, where I wanna stay and grow up, and living there I could make it sure. I had always said I wanted to be there, live there, and now I can assure it at 100%.

So we had to find another ways to go live there. I have the job, I was happy with it and there they were happy with the job I did, the problem is that getting a working visa there is not an easy task, you need titulations or 10 years of experience. You can always try to falsifications, but with just 20 y/o to falsificate 10 years of experience is impossible. I know this doesn't sound good but getting a working visa there is more difficult than what people think, and it's something you don't discover until you're there trying, so that's why a lot of people use falsifications.

We also thought about marriage, we talked about it sometimes, but we thought it was not the best solution. It's not ok to get a marriage just to get a residence permission, and we hadn't been going out together for so long, we wanted to spend more time with each other and get to know well so we were sure when we took that step, that's why we discard that option.

Looking for possible ways, we thought about the student visa. With this visa there are some factors to bear in mind: First, in some schools you need to be graduated from high school, since a lot of them has their courses oriented to prepare the students to access later to a Japanese university. Second, the amount of money you need to get one of those visa is VERY HIGH. The most cheap schools will cost around 6.000€ every course (with a max. of 2 courses, one each year) but that’s not everything. A person who’s going to live in foreign country will need to pay for a house, a students residence or a placer to live in, the transport, the food and what he/she needs. To be sure you’ll be able to pay those expenses in case you don’t work or in case you can’t find a work, they ask you to have in your bank account, or your sponsor in his/her bank account at least 20.000 € for each year. If you’re gonna stay 2 years, you’ll need then 40.000€. And last thing is, although I don’t have any problem with this, you need to have a high level on English. In class they use direct method, so the class is given in Japanese. Since there are a lot of students from different countries, teachers can speak the universal language, English, but not Spanish or whatever your language is, if you don’t have a basic Japanese level and a good English level to be able to ask them your doubts, you’re gonna have a hard time to try to learn something in class.

Finally, we decided for taking this option. Two years in a school would allow me to improve a lot my level, since I didn't had problems last time with my basic level that I had studied always on my own. I also had a house already, it's obvious I'm gonna live with my bf, and I wouldn't have problems with the job either since they were happy with me last time in that job. A good level would allow me to access to the official japanese test, the highest the level, better it would be, and then we'll se what can we do with that. Also, 2 years give as a good oportunity to get to know better each other, and we'll see what we do with the future later.

Of course, my problem was money. I just DON'T want my family to pay for my things. I like achieving things on my own and not to wait until daddy solves my problems.I seems like I have a way to do it, but I'm not gonna talk about that sinc it's a personal matter. If everything goes well I'll soon send the papers and then wait for immigration bureau to give me my visa~ If everything goes well I'll start on the July course, so wish me good luck for it to be everything ok :)

I'll told you more details when this goes on :)

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  1. Wow thanks for your post!
    I plan to go live 3 months in japan aswell... I want to see how the life is there. To be honest, I feel like escaping my world and just go there to start again.
    Tell me more about your adventures there and how it was and.. -sighs- just thinking about it makes me really excited...